Marketa Vondrousova – Nadya Podoroshka: forecast and rate of Vladimir Chaplygin

It seems to me that bookmaker companies greatly overestimate the capabilities of the Argentine tennis player. Apparently, they are still under the impression of Nadia’s reaching the semifinals of the last Roland Garros. Just for the sake of justice, it should be noted that Makety Vondrousova has the final of Roland Garros 2019. So let’s not rely on emotions, but on numbers.

So, in the past and at the beginning of this season on the open hard tennis players have accumulated a rather modest number of matches, but they are quite enough to draw any conclusions. Marketa Vondrousova, on average, makes 0.17 aces per game, and gets 0.06 from rivals. Nadia Podoroshka has only 0.09 aces per game, and she misses 0.12 from rivals. If both tennis players are good at the reception (so you shouldn’t expect a lot of aces from the match), but on their serve, the advantage is clearly behind the Czech.

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By the way, there was only one official match between Marketa and Nadia. It happened not on an open hard, but on a dirt surface. This was the 2017 Roland Garros qualification. And then Vondrousova won by aces with a score of 2-0. So a zero handicap in favor of a Czech tennis player is a pretty good option.


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