Vaportech Reloader – Ceramic Feeder Attachment

Vaportech Reloader Kit adapts to any box mod. The glass has a self-cleaning and splash-proof design. It comes with three different coil options; ceramic feeder, triple quartz and 360 ceramic.

The kit includes:

Glass lid

Coil Recharger

Stainless steel tool Dab



Splash-proof / self-cleaning design

No waste of material

Two-layer heating structure: The material melts through the ceramic feeder (layer 1) and atomizes when it reaches the lower ceramic disc (layer 2).

For better results:

Use with a temperature control mod of 20 W or less.

Use the dab tool provided to gently place the material on the coil.

Buy a replacement replacement coil for the ceramic charger feeder here

Buy Replacement Glass Recharge Kit Here


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