Vaportech Herbster Kit Dry Herb Vaporizer

Vaportech Herbster Kit is a dry grass vaporizer pen. Vaportech Herbster is the feather vaporizer that many people want. The herbal vaporizer is soft, glossy and has an elegant finish. It has two choices of black and chrome style. The vaporizer is pen-shaped, thin and elongated. This is a perfect way to carry it in your pocket or hand. Incredible levels of power and technology collide to create a vaporizer that offers variable voltage, flawless design and comes with a titanium dry grass pancake coil.

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How to use:

Open the heating chamber by turning / unscrewing the connection chambers to expose the heat coils. Place the grass on the coils, do not overload them. Once loaded, reconnect the chambers. Turn your device on/off by clicking the button 5 times.

The kit is included:

Visual Heating Chamber

Discreet heating chamber

650 mAh VV battery

Stainless steel dab tool

Storage jar

USB Charger


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